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It’s all right – we haven’t just skipped the whole summer and arrived in October; it really is April and we really are offering you 5 for 4 across the vast majority of our inks and refills!* Inks are not just for October, after all.

And they’re not just for fountain pens either (although they’re a vital cog in the pleasing wheel of fountain pen ownership), oh no. They’re for dip pens, drawing pens and brushes too.
There’s calligraphy ink if you like dabbling with dip pens and stub nibs; archival-quality ink for important documents; drawing ink for… well, drawing with, and acrylic ink for artists.
If you’d like to see what ink can do for art, take a look here for a guided tutorial from the fabulous Nick Stewart. And if you’re curious about calligraphy, read on for Louise’s list of lettering-friendly inks.
But what about ballpoints? And rollerballs? And gel pens? And mechanical pencils? They need refilling too!
Well of course they do, so that 5 for 4 offer extends to pen refills and pencil leads as well.
Where would we be without inks and refills? Sad, probably, not to mention colourless and drab. Oh dear. So don’t be sad (or dull), stock up instead.