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£15.99 instead of £36.99 for an Arteza Premium Watercolour Complete Artist Set from Seen It Online – save 57%

Dive into an artistic bliss with Premium Watercolour Set!

We’re offering you an Arteza Premium Watercolour Complete Artist Set for £15.99, saving you 57% off Seen It Online’s price of £36.99 (correct as of 12.9.23).

All-inclusive art kit

The Arteza Premium Watercolour Complete Artist Set is the full package, tailored to both beginners and experienced artists. It comprises woodless watercolour pencils, an easy-to-use DIY display frame, heavyweight paper for painting, acid-free art paper, and glue binding for durability.

Key features:

  • Includes woodless watercolour pencils for vibrant artwork
  • Innovative DIY display frame for easy showcasing
  • Heavyweight paper suitable for various artistic techniques
  • Acid-free art paper for long-lasting vibrancy
  • Glue binding for added durability
  • 20 foldable sheets of thick mixed-media paper
  • 24 vibrant woodless watercolour pencils
  • Water brush pen for intricate details
  • Patent-pending design for exceptional quality
  • 228 lb (370 gsm) wood pulp sheets for versatility

Unlock your creative potential

Discover the Arteza Premium Watercolour Complete Artist Set, an all-encompassing kit designed to unleash your inner artist. With a unique blend of features and quality, this set is your key to creative brilliance.

What sets this artist set apart from others?

This set offers a comprehensive package, including woodless watercolour pencils, DIY display frames, heavyweight and acid-free paper, and innovative foldable sheets for unique art displays.

Will one’s artwork fade over time?

The fading won’t happen as the acid-free pages in this set ensure your artwork maintains its vibrancy and longevity.