Discover the 10 Finest Art Shops in and Around London

London, a city steeped in a captivating history of art and culture, boasts an abundance of exceptional art supply shops. Whether you’re a seasoned professional artist or embarking on your creative journey, London offers an array of art shops that cater to all your needs, providing the essential tools for your artistic endeavors. Here, we present ten of the most outstanding art shops in and around London, each offering a unique experience and an extensive selection of materials to inspire your artistic genius.

  1. L. Cornelissen & Son:

    L. Cornelissen & Son: Outside L. Cornelissen & Son art shop at night

    Nestled in the heart of Bloomsbury, L. Cornelissen & Son is a cherished family-owned business that has been serving artists since 1737. This beloved establishment is a treasure trove of top-quality art supplies, offering an expansive range of paints, brushes, paper, and more. For artists seeking excellence, L. Cornelissen & Son is an absolute haven.

  2. GreatArt:

    Great Art London - View from outside Great Art London – View from Outside

    As a prominent art supply chain with multiple locations throughout London, GreatArt impresses with its wide range of offerings at competitive prices. Budget-conscious artists will find solace in this treasure trove of affordable art supplies. Moreover, GreatArt hosts an assortment of workshops and classes, providing an opportunity to learn new techniques and refine your artistic skills

  3. Cass Art:

    Cass Art Islington Store Cass Art Islington Store

    With several locations across London, Cass Art is another prominent art supply chain that caters to artists of all levels. Their extensive selection of art supplies encompasses everything from paints and brushes to various materials necessary for artistic expression. Alongside their diverse product range, Cass Art offers a plethora of workshops and classes, enabling artists to explore new horizons and enhance their creative abilities.

  4. Chrome & Black:

    Chrome & Black Art Supplies Shop - internal View Chrome & Black Art Supplies Shop – internal View

    Located in vibrant Shoreditch, Chrome & Black is an independent art supply shop that specialises in high-quality materials for graffiti artists and street artists. In addition to their range of art supplies, Chrome & Black boasts an impressive collection of books and magazines on art and design, making it an enticing destination for artists seeking inspiration.

  5. The London Art Shop:

    The London Art Shop The London Art Shop

    For over five decades, The London Art Shop has been a trusted family-owned establishment providing artists with exceptional art supplies. Situated in the heart of Marylebone, this revered shop is renowned for its wide range of high-quality materials. From paints and brushes to a myriad of artistic essentials, The London Art Shop ensures that artists find exactly what they need to bring their visions to life.

  6. Stuart R. Stevenson:

    Stuart R Stevenson Art Shop London Stuart R Stevenson Art Shop London

    Tucked away in Clerkenwell, Stuart R. Stevenson is a quaint independent art supply shop that specializes in catering to fine artists. With a focus on quality, this charming establishment offers a range of art supplies tailored to meet the needs of discerning artists. Additionally, Stuart R. Stevenson showcases an extensive collection of books and magazines on art and design, further enriching the artistic experience.

  7. Russell & Chapple:

    Russle & Chapple Art Supplies Shop London Russle & Chapple Art Supplies Shop London

    Situated in Bloomsbury, Russell & Chapple is a delightful independent art supply shop that caters specifically to architects and designers. This cherished establishment prides itself on providing high-quality materials that meet the unique demands of these creative professionals. The shop also houses an impressive selection of books and magazines on art and design, offering valuable resources for artistic inspiration.

  8. Wyvern Bindery:

    Wyvern Bindery: Wyvern Bindery: Art Supplies Shop London

    Nestled in the heart of Clerkenwell, Wyvern Bindery is a hidden gem that specialises in art supplies for bookbinding and paper making. With a strong focus on quality craftsmanship, this charming independent shop offers an assortment of materials and tools to delight bookbinding enthusiasts and paper artisans alike. Wyvern Bindery’s curated collection of books and magazines on bookbinding and paper making serves as a valuable resource for those passionate about these crafts.

  9. The Art Shop at Spitalfields Market:

    The Art Shop at Spitalfields Market: The Art Shop at Spitalfields Market

    Located in the vibrant heart of Spitalfields Market, The Art Shop stands as a large and diverse art supply destination. Artists of all backgrounds and budgets will find themselves enticed by the wide variety of art supplies available at competitive prices. The Art Shop also goes the extra mile by offering an extensive range of workshops and classes, inviting artists to explore new techniques and refine their artistic skills in a supportive environment.

  10. London Graphic Centre

    London Graphic Centre is a renowned creative hub nestled in the heart of London, catering to artists, designers, and enthusiasts alike. Boasting a diverse range of high-quality art supplies, graphic materials, and stationery, the centre has been a go-to destination for professionals and hobbyists since its inception. With a vast inventory of top brands and a commitment to excellence, London Graphic Centre ensures that creatives have access to the latest tools and innovations. Beyond retail, the centre also fosters a vibrant community through workshops, exhibitions, and collaborative spaces, making it a dynamic hub for nurturing artistic expression in the bustling metropolis.

    These ten art shops represent just a glimpse of the vibrant and thriving art scene in London. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a budding artist, there is an art shop perfectly suited to your needs and aspirations. From the historical charm of L. Cornelissen & Son to the affordable offerings of GreatArt and Cass Art, each shop has its own unique character and selection, inviting you to embark on a journey of artistic exploration.

No matter your budget or skill level, these exceptional art shops are dedicated to providing artists with the tools and resources necessary to bring their visions to life. So, venture forth into the artistic landscape of London, where creativity knows no bounds. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of art shops, and let your artistic spirit soar as you discover the perfect sanctuary for your creative expression.

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